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Our story

Our origins

Caravel® was founded in 1990 by Paul Myers and Warren Hall with a desire to create a specialist project management services company. Initially based in Wellington, Caravel expanded and opened offices in Auckland, before establishing itself in Australia with offices in Sydney, Melbourne and Perth.

The caravel

The Caravel® was a 15th century Portuguese sailing ship. It was a specialist vessel built for long voyages of discovery with the objective of finding new worlds, wealth and trading opportunities.

The Caravel® was faster, more manoeuvrable and better suited for this purpose than other vessels of its day. And those who sailed the caravel required courage, conviction and specialist skills.

Our company is just like a caravel. It is a specialist organisation built to meet the project and change management needs of its clients – and in many ways a change project is similar to a voyage.

A project begins with the need to meet an objective. It requires courage, conviction, calculated risks and must ultimately lead to the delivery of the end objective to be gauged a success.


Project and Change Specialists

Caravel® is a specialist organisation designed to meet the project management and change management needs of our clients

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