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Infrastructure operates in real time and is usually composed of two major parts:

  • Fixed and Dynamic (physical) Infrastructure

  • Complex Infrastructure

Fixed Infrastructure includes:

  • Transport (Rail, Ports, Airports, Roads)
  • Utilities (Electricity, Telecommunications, Gas, Water)
  • Cities and Buildings

Complex Infrastructure (Operations & Automation) includes:

  • Operations Management Centres
  • IT systems
  • Operational Support systems
  • Decision Support systems
  • Control systems; and,
  • Business processes and people required to operate the infrastructure

Caravel® manages the delivery of Complex Infrastructure into operations.

For more detail on the relationship Complex Infrastructure has to Fixed Infrastructure click here.

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Complex Infrastructure –
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For more than 23 years, we have been entrusted with delivery of some of the most politically sensitive and public Complex Infrastructure projects across Australasia. If your program or project is critical to your success, our skills, knowledge and experience are what you need
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