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Business enhancement and transformation projects explained

Enhancing or transforming a business means that change is required in two dimensions: people and business.

The impact and scope of the change will be incremental or transformational as it impacts on ‘business-as-usual’. Fundamentally this means that the organisation changes from its current mode of operation (current ‘business-as-usual’ state) to the future mode of operation (new ‘business-as-usual’ state) featuring the proposed enhancement, e.g. a new business capability.

It’s important to recognise that change projects are initiated to improve stakeholder value. From a private or public sector business point of view, improved stakeholder value will be expressed across a range of key result areas.


So what is involved?

Fundamentally, change and BET projects involve three key ingredients:

  • People (including structure and culture)
  • Process
  • Technology

These ingredients play a vital role during the change process. In order to achieve a successful outcome, the business solution has to include people as well as process and technology, as the organisation changes from the status quo into a new mode of operation.

And what is the measure of success?

BET projects are often measured in terms of time, cost and quality. Unfortunately these parameters fail to address the true measure of effective execution – namely stakeholder value. Considering that business enhancement or transformation projects are essentially driven by stakeholder value, this is a fundamental oversight.



Performance Improvement through Business Transformation

Change is not simply about shifting from an ‘as is’ state to a ‘future’ state, it is ultimately about enhancing or transforming your organisation in the process. Caravel® truly understands what it takes in terms of people, process and technology to ‘change’ the status quo. To learn more about some of the complex and challenging projects we have been involved in successfully delivering click here

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