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Delivery in context

The traditional definition of project success is based on meeting time, cost and quality considerations. Caravel’s approach expands these criteria with the concept of optimised stakeholder value.

We understand that the basis of optimising stakeholder value lies in the linkage it has to the effectiveness of the teams performing the delivery.

And when we say ‘teams’ we mean the senior management team, the line management team dealing with business-as-usual (BAU) as well as the project delivery/change management team for all organisations involved.  Of course, there are often multiple layers of supplier teams, as the diagram below illustrates.

Caravel’s value in context

Caravel’s value to you centres on our expertise (the company’s core intellectual property) built up over 20 years in relation to 3 key areas:

  1. How to create and manage high performance project/change management teams;

  2. Our methodologies and how to tailor them to meet specific delivery requirements;

  3. How to manage the team to deliver effectively.

In reality this means that we provide a crucial end-to-end service delivery. We apply our generic methods and approaches, use our expertise to select the right team and tailor the methods, tools and service delivery so that we can successfully deliver your project. Case studies, which are prepared following execution, represent ultimate demonstrable evidence of our achievements, including the optimisation of client stakeholder value.

Collectively we deliver this capability at a price and performance level that optimises stakeholder value.

More specifically Caravel’s intellectual property covers;

Team Selection

  • Personnel specification and selection methods
  • Active management over time
  • Project team rotation techniques
  • On the job training (OJT), mentoring and coaching


  • Tailored methods and tools
  • Collateral, peer reviews, quality assurance
  • Client service delivery

Project execution

  • High capability, low risk
  • Caravel’s dynamic project management methods for complex projects
  • Knowledge transference/protection

Our proof

Our well honed expertise in team selection & management, methodologies and project execution means that we can reliably apply our methods and approaches, achieving the desired delivery outcomes.

Our case studies are proud testimony of our achievements. They document project success beyond mere ‘project execution’ by demonstrating the realisation of the optimised stakeholder value.

In reality - there are uncontrollables

In light of the industry-wide failure rate, it has to be considered that things may go wrong from time to time. However, we are acutely aware that the root cause generally lies in the collective inability of the project team, the senior management team and the line management team - within the company, the company’s customer or that of any one of the suppliers - to work effectively together.



Specialist Project
and Change Management

Caravel® provides a crucial end-to-end service. We customise generic project and change methods and approaches to suit your unique environment, select the right team whilst maintaining a culture of high performance, excellence and optimise stakeholder value. It is this capability which enables us to achieve a success rate of more than 80% compared to an industry average of 30%.

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