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Team formation

When we assemble a team for you, we go well beyond the standard assessments of individuals and their suitability for a particular task and responsibility.

We have developed effective techniques to assess people’s synergy and their ability to work together in their team. Our approach goes well beyond appraising skills and experience ‘on paper’. It has consistently proven itself for the formation of high-performance teams.

Every manager knows that team dynamics have a tremendous impact on the performance of the team. We are mindful that ‘soft factors’ play a big role, and we consequently pay careful attention to the specific makeup of the team in terms of personalities and attributes.


High performing team

A Caravel® 'team' is assembled with insight, foresight and precision. Our approach goes well beyond appraising skills and experience 'on paper'. We have proven repeatedly that we are able to establish high performing teams of specialist project management and change management practitioners.

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