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Caravel’s Total Knowledge Management System (TKMS)

TKMS captures core business data and uses it efficiently and effectively to generate competitive advantage. The tool kit acts as a temporary overlay to the client enterprise management system, which eliminates a delayed start-up and supports rapid delivery benefits.

It is web based, so it means that the project team has secure and swift access to all Caravel® tools. And the client system remains independent while gaining the full benefits of a highly efficient system.

TKMS includes subsystems that cater for:

  • People management
  • Relationship management
  • Organisation management
  • Work management
  • Resource management
  • Information management
  • Maintenance

The system offers a range of back-office functionalities such as resource management at a high level, and a total relationship management that captures all core business relationships (be they suppliers, associates, staff or competitor).

Similarly, front-office functionality includes “traffic light” reporting for individual projects, programs and portfolios, and a budget cost management with costs mapped to budget and variances.


Our toolkit

Caravel's 'Total Knowledge Management System' (TKMS) is a unique tool kit which is easily overlayed over a client’s enterprise management system. TKMS captures core business data enabling detailed analysis and insight across the various subsystems of the client organisation. Our multi-dimensional tool facilitates efficient and effective decision making that you can depend on.
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